Saint Barth Kitesurf Spot Kite

 St.Barth kite spot exclusive island
Saint Barthelemy, a small island in the northern Antilles in the french Caribbean, with beautiful beaches and a superb site for the ideal introduction to kitesurfing. 
 crystal clear, warm waters and steady winds! The island maintains its natural warm and peace by discouraging the cruise ships crowds and big “all inclusive“ hotels. It is rather a quiet exclusive place. Most buildings are only two stories, with colorful flower boxes and charming gingerbread style architecture. 
 In the lagoon of Grand Cul de Sac, a sandbar exposed to the wind  is the perfect kite spot  flat shallow protect and windy!.
The beach of Grand Cul-de-Sac is the easiest beach in the Caribbean for learning to sailing, windsurfing and kitesurfing as it has a reef which closes off the entire bay. The current that passes outside the reef here also carries the migrating whales and dolphins.

wind condition and Kitesurf and windsurf spots!
In the Caribbean the winds  blow  always from north to east occasionally southeast
St. Barth has consistent winds averaging 18 knots in the winter. In February the winds reach up to 21 knots. With the air temperature averaging in 26C (79F) and the water temperature about 24C (75F) you can forget about your wetsuit. Although you can kite or windsurf pretty much anywhere, the eastern part of the St. Barth island is the best to kitesurf and windsurf.

  The winds blow onshore into the bays, which are protected by multiple reefs. The waters are calm and shallow; ideal for beginners. Grand Cul de Sac is the most popular beach by both kite and windsurfers because of its glass-like smooth and turquoise waters. Toiny beach is another favorite windy beach for those who want to experience some “bump and jump” conditions.
 Windsurfing rentals and instructions are available. no kite surfing rentals available, but they offers lessons.  

 Also the Bay of Flamands is really good kitesurf spot waves when the swell is coming from north - north east.
 In the Bay of St  John is allow windsurf but not kitesurf for safety because there is the airplane runaway.

To get to St. Barths fly to St. Maarten (St. Martin) and take a short ferry ride and arrive in Gustavia. Or take a 15 minutes flight to St. Barths airport (SBH)  with WinAir airlines.

Currency: euro
Language : french

Barbuda Kitesurf Spot kite


In the middle of the caribbean paradise  we can find a perfect kite surf spot in tha island of Barbuda 
Spanish Point is a Landmark, located about 46 kilometers north of Antigua in Barbuda island, the  best way to acces to this premiun spot is by boat coming from Antigua 

General info.
Barbuda es una isla que se independizo en 1981  del Commonwealth
Capital : st John's
Poblacion: negra
Idioma oficial: ingles
Moneda: EC - Easten Caribbean ( 1 US= 2.6 EC)
Clima: air 22 to 30 C , and 27 C in the water, no wetsuit need
Electricity: 110 w
Season and Wind
the best season is between December and August,
when you will find Spanish Point's kitesurf weather at its best: 22-27 days with wind-speeds of 14-18kt from northern and a swell of 1.8 m at a period 10 secs from eastern directions.
 A visit between September and November also makes a good kitesurf holiday at Spanish Point, but you probably will find acceptable kitesurf conditions only on 17-18 days per month. Kitesurf Weather then will most likely be 17 kt from northern and a swell of 1.6 m at a period 10 secs from eastern directions. 

Kite spots in Barbuda
1) Two foot  bay Beach is located 1 km north of The Caves near a Cove called Fishing Creek, 60 km north of Antigua, Antigua and Barbuda.  wind-speeds of 18 kt on 270 Kitesurf Days per year. 
on shore wind and  waves a lot of shallow reef

2)Low bay beach Low Bay Beach is located 3 km north of Codrington near a Bay called Low Bay, 57 km north of Antigua, Antigua and Barbuda.  wind-speeds of 18 kt on 266 Kitesurf Days per year
swell of 2 m at a period 10 secs from eastern directions. Average daily highs will be found between 26 and 29°C beneath some clouds.
the wind is off shore and the water flat

3)Coca Point beach(private) and  Spanish Point(for everybody)
Cocoa Point Beach and Spanish point are located 6 km north of Dulcina near a Bay called Gravenor Bay, 46 km north of Antigua, Antigua and Barbuda. 
 wind-speeds of 18 kt on 270 Kitesurf Days per year
Unfortunately no kitesurfer has reviewed Cocoa Point Beach yet, so we cannot tell, if this is a safe and recommendable kitesurf spot and how much fun you could expect from kitesurfing in which style at which skill level at Cocoa Point Beach. Before kitesurfing at Cocoa Point Beach, please talk to locals if they know of any restrictions regarding kitesurfing here.
the wind  is side of shore  and the water  flat.
4) perfect flat water in the pound but  is not allow  to kite in the pound
Nice video to enjoy courtesy of CHARLOTTE CONSORTI pro kitesurf speed champion and Bruno Dubosq.

 I hope you can visit the real paradise :) !!