Baja California, Pacific Coast, Mexico Extreme! KITE – SURF- SUP

Baja California, pacific coast, Mexico  Extreme!
Snorkeling & Diving. Golf & Sport Fishing. Yachting and Sailing.  And more..


Season: the best month are January, Feb, March  - October, Nov, Dec.

Kite Spots
South to North on the Cortes Sea
The spot is very popular mainly in the East Cape  due to the  El Norte Winds. Playa Norte  in Los barriles is the most popular and it’s a few kite schools and rental and shops. Check
And talk with Dante! Los Barriles is a village in Baja California Sur, Mexico. Los Barriles is located on the shores of the Sea of Cortez right in between Los Cabos and La Paz. Los Barriles is a great sandy spot perfect for beginners and also to practice your wave style thanks to his great shore break. All the beach of Los Barriles is a big spot, but the best place is in Playa Norte , in the north-east side of the beach. Huge beach with lots of options. Some spots are very safe with safe launching techniques. The best months are January, February, March, October, November, December.La ventana  is other  kite sport  very close . There beach is wide and white sandy  sandy bottom  a bit choppy  and  warm water  but sometime for longer session recommend to get a wetsuit. There is less wind in Los Barriles than in La Ventana, but we are talking about 23 knots and the surf is bigger like 9 mts kite. La Ventana is a small mexican fishing village situated on the Sea of Cortez just 30 minutes southeast of La Paz, Baja California, Mexico. Discovered by windsurfers 15 years ago, La Ventana has become the perfect kiteboarding spot thanks to its steady winds from October to March and to its L-shape sandy beach with sideshorewinds. Every year, during the months of December and January, La Ventana offers international kiteboard competitions, clinics and expos. La Ventana Classic and the traditional expo kite.
In the pacific:
Punta Abreojos is a small fishing town in Baja California Sur. It has an exposed point break that provides excellent waves, great spot for windsurfing, surfing and kitesurfing. It is known by windsurfers and kiteboarders who take advantage of the predictable onshore afternoon winds from the northwest. Almost empty here. The wind blows all year round, average wind speed from 12-25 knots.
Punta San Carlos is located in Baja California Norte on the Pacific Ocean, near to El Rosario town. About 275 miles south of the border. Punta San Carlos is an exposed reef and point break amazing for kiteboarding, windsurfing and surfing. There is no nightlife, only dessert wilderness. Is the perfect place for eco tourism and outdoors sports. It blows all year, speciall termal winds, sometimes can be very strong. Usually sideshore winds.

Surf season:
June to November the summer month are known to be the best as the southern hemisphere’s swell send great waves to the Pacific Cabo san Lucas San Jose and East Cape.
December to February East Cape and Costa Azul are on the flatter side. The Pacific can be good this time of the year because it’s exposed to the west swell.
March to May, this is the windy season in the pacific swells are consistent  and you will run into a fewer crowds.
Surf spots
South to North on the Cortes Sea
1) El Tule at 15.5 most of the locals surf in there, is not so famous.
2)Then Costa Azul or Cabo Azul, consist of tree breaks
a)  The Rock o La Roca, for advance level direction, right.
b) Zippers, all level, direction Right.
c)Acapulquito,  all levels right
 It’s located at km 28.5 under the Costa Azul Bridge.
 Sandy and rock bottom, white sandy beach warm water maybe lycra its recommended sometimes short wetsuit.
3)La bocana at the estuary. All levels right and left. Located in san Jose del Cabo main beach, close to Presidente Hotel.
4)Shipwrecks, advanced, direction right location East Cape about 25 km from San Jose del Cabo.
5)Nine Palms, all levels.  Direction, long rights. Location, East Cabo about 30 km from San Jose del Cabo.
In the pacific:
1)San Pedrito, advanced right and left right before arrive in Todos los Santos.
2)Cerritos, great for beginners.  Direction, right and left.  Location, pacific at 65 km of the Cabo san Lucas Todos los Santos road.
3)Monuments, advanced. Direction, Left. Location, At 6.5 kmof the corridor, closer to Cabo San Lucas.

Stand up paddle boarding its growing big time! It’s a great way to explore and enjoy nature and marina life. Or you can also take yoga lessons on a paddle board
The good of this area if you like water sports is that you can SUP to Lovers Beach( calm waters ) and divorce beach ( dangerous  for swimming)  and snorkel in the area  very beautiful  and you can also see seals, pelicans and sometimes Wale in the right season, and  rock formations, caves and the Arch.
Or can also take a water taxi for 15 Us or rent a kayak . There is also “flyboard” rental.

Snorkel and Diving
An snorkel  tour cost about 40 us and last 2 to 3 hours. If you venturing your own, stay away of the pacific side, it’s to rough, strong currents and very dangerous.
Snorkeling spots
1)Pelican Rock, this rock attracts many fish its located 5 minutes boat from Marina Cabo San Lucas.
2)Lovers Beach,  5 misn  by SUP or Boat from the Marina Cabo San Lucas.
3) Santa Maria Bay, it’s a regular destination for tourists
4)Chileno Bay leaving Cabo San Lucas going north  to the Cortes sea.
5)Cabo Pulmo, is a Natural Marine Reserve in the East Cape  it’s a eight fingered coral reef at only 2 hs from Cabo San Lucas that it’s worth to see.
Diving spots
1)Land’s end, level beginners advance steep sand banks  go down into a canyon filled with tropical fish
2)Pelican Rock, level beginners, 5 mins boat ride from Cabo San Lucas Marina.
3)Neptune’s finger, Advance level  80’ 100’ spectacular canyon wall dive.
4)Cabeza de Ballena, beginners boat ride to dive trough large boulders with lots of fish.
5)Santa Maria Cave, beginners 35 mins boat or dive from the beach is the entrance of a canyon
6)Chileno,beginners sandy and rocky bottom great to see turtles  and fro night dives.
7)El Gavilan, intermediate- advance, 35 mins boat lead into an entrance of a canyon.
8)Blow Hole, beginner to Advance, 10 mins  from Chileno.
9)Las Salinas beginners, a sunken Japanese fishing boat attracts a large school of fish .
10)Gordo Banks, advanced, 1 hs boat ride to see marlin, hammerheads skips jacks and manta rays.
11) cabo Pulmo beginners to see coral reef in the Sea of Cortez. 
Sport Fishing
 You can easily rent  many of the  fishing boat in Marina Cabo San Lucas to  prove you  strength  and go for a big  fish!

Many golf destination in Baja California specially in Sea Of cortez. From private to public courses, green field and membership a day or season, Club rental are between 35 to 65 US.
1)Cabo San Lucas Country club
2)Cabo del Sol
3)Cabo Real
5)Punta Sur Golf
6)Club Campestre San Jose
7)Puerto Los Cabos

YACHTS and Sailing
Get the Mexico boating guide from Cap. Pat Rains, she is great!
Marina Cabo San Lucas and Marina San Jose anchorage. You can anchor outside on the bay in an open sandy bottom very flat when north west winds. In Cabo  San Lucas the Marina is part of the IGY group good services  right on  the hot spot of the town its has 240 slips up to 150’ ft and some for 300’ ft. with 15’ depths. Fuel dock and provisioning easy.  Its not cheap. If you are looking for a cheaper option try marina San Jose del Cabo.
If you need help the provide ‘Pangas”  local  small boats to take  to your slip, they are very  helpful people  marina run from Monday to Saturday  and remain close on Sunday 
From December to April NW winds predominate and the rotate to S winds and start de hurricane season until November. If you want to go up the peninsula in the pacific coast wait for a good wind window. Seas can be big and windy. Many shelter you can find every 200 miles
 So consider 2 days sailing until next shelter and sail close to the shorel about 5 miles. The first one is Bahia Magdalena  and Santa Maria cove and a port of San Carlos. Going  North. In Bahia Ballenas, “Abreojos” anchorage, but careful when the wind and swell hits, this is one of the best surf and kite surf/ windsurf places in the world. Turtle Bay very protected  good anchorage and a  dodgy fuel dock   but it works! Going north pass in between the Isla Cedros and the land to get shelter  from the waves
 The wind could became very powerful in Bahia Vizcaino check the forecast before departure. And the  small coves  doesn’t provide  good shelter for the strong NW winds and large seas. Careful with Sacramento reef Bahia San Quintin, is a good shelter and the you have 110 NM to the last port  of clearance in Mexico. In Ensenada get into a Marina all of them are very good its fuel available and provisioning ( do not buy much  when you get USA the custom with ditch all) in the Marinas they will help you with the clearance you can get an agent or do it yourself. You need “zarpe” and arrival that they made in the marina, passports, the temporary importation of the vessel permit, the paper for sanity and pay about  45 US  in Capitaneria de Puerto. No fees in inmigration. Going up north pass in between COronados Island and land  but stay away from shore  because Tijuan is the border with USA and the became very protective, they may check on you and your vessel … y queViva Mexico!

 Other activities:
Los Cabos Canyon by foot or canopy, sculpture garden at Puerto Los Cabos, shopping at San Jose organic Saturday market, take a tour in the glass bottom boat , discover “Wirikuta Cactus Botanical Park modern stone pyramids”, &  bungee jumping zip line in the wild canyon in the sierra de la Laguna foothills,
IRONMAN in Los Cabos 4 km swimming, 42 running and 180 biking.

Beach and Party
But If you want to party you have also Medano Beach full of beach bars along 2 miles on the sand or in Cabo San Lucas town many bars and  night clubs open from 10  till the sunrise.
 Land Information:
The country code is +52 and the area code its (624)
 Money: rate exchange in 2014 is between 12 and 13 pesos per US dollar. All credit cads are accepted and its ATM everywhere!!
Language: Spanish but  everybody speaks English!
Spring break is on March and April full of American and Canadian young tourist!
 airport: it’s close to San Jose  Del Cabo two hours to Cabo San Lucas
Public transportation: you can take taxis but are very expensive, or you can take a “camion” (local bus) for only 35 pesos, or long distance bus for  about  115 pesos. They take long time and stop in several town but it’s safe and friendly.  

 History: in 1535, Hernan Cortez sail in to the sea that would one day bear his name, searching for a treasure for the crown, but his history includes also Pirates, Indians, Missionaries and movie stars.